SELL — Simple E-Learning Language

An open source domain-specific language for online assessment


A short and simple syntax enables the questioner to focus on educational aspects.


Randomized questions provide each student with individual exercises.


Questions are written as plaintext. Sharing by mail, chat, forums is straightforward.


SELL questions can be integrated into existing websites with only a few steps.

Open Source

This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. Find us on GitHub.


Install SELL via npm install sellquiz (Link). Find examples on GitHub.

Generated Question

  • The first line is used as headline.
  • Code is indented by tabs. It is used to draw random variables and to calculate the solution.
  • Equations are denoted in AsciiMath-syntax and can be embedded into dollar signs. Example:
    • $ sqrt(x) $ is displayed as `sqrt(x)`.
  • Text formatting is similar to Markdown. Examples:
    • A bullet point is denoted by * at the beginning of a line.
    • __bold__ is displayed bold.
  • The solution textfield is created by a hashtag # following the solution variable.
For detailed information, visit the tutorials and language specification.

Contact:  Andreas Schwenk
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